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Information for Prospective Students (B.A.)

The B.A. English and American Studies in Düsseldorf provides in-depth knowledge of English literature, linguistics and the history of language and literature, as well as excellent English language skills. In addition to literature, culture, language and media, the programme also covers professional and creative writing as well as a variety of digital applications. It teaches key qualifications such as rhetorical skills, the ability to abstract as well as text and media competence, which prepare students for many professional fields in business, academia and the media. Cultural or event management, publishing and human resources, marketing and corporate communications as well as software development and content management are typical career prospects.

English and American Studies can be studied as a Major or a Minor and consists of six semesters. There are many elective options in the second and third years of study.  Our teaching takes place exclusively in English and predominantly in small seminar groups with intensive supervision. The programme is characterised by numerous forms of work and examination, including digital ones, which train self-management, project-related work and communicative skills.  

Our introductory event for first-semester students for the winter semester 2023/2024 will take place in 9 October 2023 at 2:30 pm in the lecture hall 3E.

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Deciding on a university is not easy. To make the decision process a little easier we have assembled some useful links and information for you. 

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Below you will find information on the English and American Studies course sorted by Exam Regulation.


BA English and American Studies Exam Regulations 2018

BA English and American Studies Exam Regulations 2011/13


Exam Regulations




The BA course English and American Studies does not have restrictions to the admission. This means that everyone who applies for the course will be offered a spot. However, as English and American Studies is a 2-course BA, you are required to pick both a major and a minor. 

Requirements for admission is besides the German matriculation standard (or international equivalents) a solid knowledge of the English language. At the start of your studies you will have to pass the Oxford Online Placement Test. This test is provided by the university and has to be passed by every student before or during your studies.

BA description and combination options



Confirmations of achievement according to form 5 BAföG must usually be submitted to the BAföG office after the completion of the fourth semester.

If you need such a confirmation of achievement, you can come to the student office of the Institute of English and American Studies (Building 23.21, Room 02.77) during opening hours. You will need to bring your certificate of study and a printout of your personal transcript of records from the student portal.

Please bring the completed form 5 with you. You can use the following checklist to check in advance whether you have completed all the examinations required for a positive transcript of records (positive Leistungsbescheinigung):

Core subject: 6 passed final examinations
Supplementary subject: 4 passed final examinations

Of course, we will also advise you in detail on all questions regarding the certificate of achievement according to BAföG, especially in the event that examinations are still missing from your checklist.

BAföG abroad

If you would like to apply for BAföG abroad, please fill out the following application carefully on your PC, save it and bring it to the Student Office on a memo stick so that we can work on it with you. Alternatively, you can send it to us in advance as an attachment to an (Subject: Auslands-BAföG).

Application form for international BAföG

During your studies you might want to spend a semester abroad. We will gladly help you with planning and organizing such a trip. 

Further Contacts:

International Office

International Mobility


During your stay at HHU you may come across questions related to your studies, schedule or exams. You can send any such question to us via E-Mail or RocketChat. You may send your question in both English and German.

We can help you with:
  • Questions regarding organisation of your studies
  • Course and exam sign-up
  • Contacting lecturers
  • Creating your schedule
  • ...

We can currently only offer virtual consultations!

More Information:

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HHU International Office 

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