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Oxford Online Placement Test (English and American Studies)



The OOPT is NOT the Language Diagnostics Test offered by the Language Centre! 

Students enrolled in the English and American Studies program must take the OOPT!

Next Dates: 18.03 and 20.03.2024

  • In order to participate in the language practice courses, the OOPT must be passed. Every student must take the test, regardless of their previous grades. Other language tests such as the TOEFL or IELTS can NOT replace the OOPT.
  • To pass the test, you must achieve at least 64 out of 120 points. (CEFR level B2).
  • Should you fail the OOPT (i.e. score less than 64 points), you can take the Remedial English course in the winter semester to prepare for the test. You can also arrange a consultation with our lecturers
  • If you have not passed the OOPT you can re-take the test at the end of every semester. The dates are annonunced on these sites. 
  • The test takes place in the computer rooms of the ZIM (Building 25.41).
  • Students with disabilities or chronic illnesses should contact the Student's Office so that their needs can be accommodated. 
  • Here you can find some links to help you prepare for the OOPT
  • FAQs

About the OOPT

The OOPT can only be taken on a computer.

  • The test consists of two parts with a total of 45 questions. 
  • The first part (Use of English) consists of multiple-choice questions and gap-fill exercises. This part tests grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension (British English).
  • The second part (listening) consists of listening comprehension tasks (50% British English and 50% American English)
  • Both parts of the test assess your active vocabulary. The tasks may include idioms and colloquialisms.

Please consider the following test instruction:

  • The test questions can only be completed once. Once you have moved on to the next question, you cannot return to the previous one!
  • The audio files in the second part of the test can be played a maximum of twice. 
  • Once you have started the test, you have 60 minutes to complete it. If you do not finish the test within these 60 minutes, your questions will not be saved and the test will automatically be marked as not passed!


Due to data protection laws we are required to inform you that, if you take the OOPT, your personal data (name, e-mail adress and test result) will be For data protection reasons, we must inform you that your personal data (name, e-mail address, test result) will be stored in the Oxford University Press (UK) system when you participate in the OOPT.


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