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Writing Skills

Topics Winter Semester 2023/24

Topic 1: Low-value degrees

Topic 2: Free speech on university campuses

Topic 3: Television and radio license fees

Please see the updated exam requirements below

Writing Skills Module

This module concludes with a written exam in the form of an Essay (450–550 words). 


Registration for the examination takes place via the student portal and is possible from four weeks before the examination date. The registration and withdrawal period ends one week before.

For organisational reasons, you will be informed about the exact schedule and time in the student portal at the earliest six days before the examination date.

AP Date

Winter Semester 2023/24: 07.02.2024

Time: 8:30 – 10:30

In the PC-Pools ground floor building 21.23. Please arrive 30 minutes early. 

Exam Format


For the Writing Skills AP, students have the choice to respond to one  of three questions based on three topics. These essay topics will be posted on this web page one week before the exam date each semester. In the exam, students must read the given questions carefully and make sure to tailor essays to the question. Obviously prewritten or memorized scripts will be penalized.

Research and source matrix

Students may research the topics before the exam and bring in notes on their sources in the form of a filled-in source matrix, which can be downloaded below.

Please be aware of the following requiments for using the source matrix:

  • Include your name and matric number in the spaces above on each page.
  • You may make up to maximum 30 entries, as per the format of the table, and must write in font size 11 or above – no smaller.
  • Your supporting detail must not be longer than 40 words in length.
  • You can bring the source matrix into the exam, but must do so in printed format, and hand in all three pages (including any that are unfilled).
  • The material you include in this matrix is intended as source-based supporting detail. It is not a place to include pre-written substantial chunks of prose/arguments that are copied directly into your final essay. Doing so may result in penalisation.


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