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Jobs, Careers, Alumni

Studying English at HHU opens many career paths for you! English alumni are in high demand as flexible generalists with excellent language skills, as they can quickly familiarize themselves with (almost) any subject. While most people think of a career with English in the context of translation or language teaching, this is actually the exception. Our alumni can actually be found in all kinds of companies wherever good oral and written communication, text and media literacy, flexibility and intercultural sensitivity are required. Many also dare to take the step into self-employment, for example in consulting, project management, but also as artists. Even during your studies, you can already take first steps towards your professional life beyond university.

- Alumni Talks by former students offered every semester

- Classes in the areas of language, literature, and culture with professional relevance

- 10 percent of studies are devoted to the creation of an individual "profile" (Professional development)

- Campus-Rookies (for example) offer help in finding internships and jobs



English and American Studies alumni experiences and tips!

Inga - Social Media Marketing Expert

Even during my Bachelor's degree at HHU, I worked as a student trainee in the field of marketing and quickly realised that I was at home in marketing. After my bachelor's degree, I did a one-year internship in marketing and quickly moved into social media during my master's degree - and that's where I stayed! Shortly before the end of my Master's degree, I started working as a student trainee at QIAGEN, where I was asked if I would like to stay on full-time as a social media marketing expert - of course I didn't say no! So I've had my dream job for a little over a year now and I can only advise you: Keep your eye on the ball, gain practical experience during your studies and find what you really like. Because it doesn't matter to your future employer whether you studied a year longer (it took me two years longer), what matters is your commitment! Good luck for your future.  

Mandy - Editorial and project management in a PR and social media agency 

I am starting as an editorial and project management trainee in a PR and social media agency directly after my Master's degree; I had a part-time job there during my Master's degree. I am responsible in particular for writing blog posts for large clients (e.g. Messe Düsseldorf) mostly in English, proofreading other texts and planning and writing editorial plans for our clients' social media channels. The combination of studies and practical experience is indispensable and has opened numerous doors for me. 

Robert - Online Marketing

With my studies, or rather the combination of English and Information Science + MA English, I wanted to go into Online Marketing from the very beginning. [...] In the first semester of the Master's programme, I received so many acceptances that I had to, or was allowed to, make a decision. The main reason for this was that English is indispensable in online marketing, as all the tools and many of the customers rely on English.   The specialisation in online marketing that I chose is called Programmatic Advertising. In the meantime, I have been employed by Ogilvy and GroupM and from 1.10. I will then become a Programmatic Consultant at Crossmedia GmbH in Düsseldorf. Because of my Master's degree and the experience I gained on the side, I was able to choose between several companies. The combination of the English degree with the associated skills (language, analysis, organisation, etc.) and the experience gained make you incredibly valuable.  On that note, I would like to say thank you for everything! 


Carmela - Translation 

In the course of my studies, I tried to gain experience in different areas in order to gain direct insights into the possible career fields and to try out what suits me. I found especially the realisation of what is permanently out of the question for me (in my case, teaching at school) very helpful. In the practical application, it also became clear which skills learned during the study programme are particularly helpful in professional life. For me, besides language skills, these are above all the ability to think abstractly, problem solving and organisation. Apart from that, I took advantage of the opportunities to spend time abroad in England and France during my studies. These experiences were also very valuable for me, especially personally, as this is probably the easiest and most beautiful way to develop one's country knowledge and intercultural skills. 


Niklas - Strategic Consultant PR Agency

During my studies, I didn't know exactly what to do - at a recruiting day at the University of Düsseldorf, I dared to try something anachronistic: I put on a suit, packed my CV and tucked applications for a few companies on the exhibitor list under my arm. At least it still worked in 2014. I then had a job interview with the PR agency Burson-Marsteller (now BCW) in Frankfurt. While I was writing my Bachelor's thesis, I commuted there for an internship. I had a knack for advising tech clients - especially because my personal interests had already accumulated a lot of expertise there. Thanks to my studies, I was able to deal with international clients with whom other colleagues had language problems. Turns out, especially with Indian and Chinese companies, school English isn't always enough, and my work in linguistics on Asian English Varieties paid off big time. In the meantime, I have returned to Düsseldorf - and among others, I advise the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world and the largest network operator in the world on their communication work.  


Annabelle - Self-employed 

The Bachelor's and especially the Master's programme of my English studies at Heinrich Heine University form an important part of the foundation for my life and work today. I started my studies 12 years ago and in the eight years that followed I had many opportunities to grow. On a personal level, I have been able to build up my self-confidence year after year, because independence, communication and the presentation of my own projects are an essential part of my studies. Academic skills such as organisation, sound research and fluency in both English and German have taken me a long way in the years of my studies and beyond in my professional life. English language and literature are still extremely enjoyable for me today and I can only advise you to do something that fills you with joy. What you end up building on the foundation of this sound study is up to you and often unpredictable. Don't be afraid to try things out, dare to go abroad. I also took the chance of a scholarship to Columbia University in New York and was successful. I was allowed to try things out, got a taste of various professions during and after my studies and was able to get to know myself through that. Today I work successfully as a freelance health consultant for private individuals and companies, in German and in English. Studying English gave me the freedom to pursue my passion in many different ways today! 

- Adult Education
- Consultancy
- Event & Project Management
- Film Production, Directing, and Editing
- Human Resources
- Journalism
- Marketing & Advertising
- NGOs & Foundations
- Public Relations
- Publishing
- Science Management and Study Organization
- Search Engine Optimization
- Social Media
- Software Development
- Speech Therapy
- Translation
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- Excellent written and oral English
- Communication and Presentation
- Organisational and Time Management
- Project Management
- Research and Analysis
- Text and Media Literacy
- Transcultural Sensibilities
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