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Recognition of Credits

IMPORTANT: At the moment the processing of recognitions takes longer than usual. Please send us your requests with enough time to spare!

Need to transfer credits from another subject or rebook a "Prüfungsnummer" or ...?

All recognitions are requested via the ATool. Log in with your university ID and follow the instructions there. After submitting the request, the Student's Office will receive an email and work on your case.

If you have any questions, use the tutorials linked at the ATool or feel free to email the Student's Office with any questions.

Information for students not yet enrolled

As a student who is not yet enrolled, you cannot yet access the ATool. If you would like to have a preliminary assessment of recognition before you begin your studies, please contact the Student's Office directly by e-mail. You can then also be informed of the subject semester placement. After enrollment, the recognition can be carried out via the ATool.


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