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If you fail the test, i.e. score less than 64 points, you can take the remedial English course to prepare. Please contact the English Studies Student Office. You are also welcome to make an appointment for a personal consultation with our lecturers.

Please also note the offers of the Sprachenzentrum.


You may retake the rest as often as needed. The OOPT is offered once every semester, usually around March or October.

Yes, you still have to take the OOPT. Since every placement test focuses on different things it is often difficult to compare them. Every student looking to take part in the language skills courses will have to pass the OOPT as it has been adjusted to the requirements of our department. 

If you have already passed a different language placement test, the OOPT should not be too difficult for you. 

You can only take the test if you are student of English and American Studies, TKU or Linguistik Integrativ. We are only allocated a small contingent of licences for the OOPT every semester and have to prioritise our own students first. You can only register for the OOPT if you are already enrolled. 

No. The purpose of the OOPT is to test your knowledge of the English language across different aspects. This includes the general vocabulary as well as Grammar and reading and listening comprehension. The usage of (online) dictionaries, Google or other aids during the OOPT is not allowed.

If you are caught utilising such aids or otherwise cheating during OOPT you will automatically fail the test. Additionally you may face serious academic consequences such as expulsion. 

As the focus of the OOPT is mostly on vocabulary and grammar the best way to prepare for the test is to consume various media in the English language. Reading a book, watching a film or tv series or listening to a podcast can all help you to become more comfortable with the everyday-use of the English language. 

The OOPT only allows you to take part in the classes of the language skills module. You will not receive a certificate for passing the test as it is only used for internal purposes. 

If you require an internationally recognised certificate please look up certificates such as TOEFL, TOEIC or DAAD.

You can always contact the or visit us during our office hours. We will try to accommodate you as best as possibly. 

Should you have any specific requirements please contact us ahead of time so we can consider them during the planning phase. 

If you have further questions or require specific information regarding the OOPT please contact the !

Data Privacy

We are required to inform you that your personal data (name, email-address and score) will be saved in the systems of the Oxford University Press (UK) if you take OOPT. 


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