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Preparing for the OOPT

How can I prepare for the OOPT?

Please work through as many of the links in the box below as you find useful. You can also view some English films, watch BBC or CNN television, read English newspapers/news magazines – or a good novel! Our experience shows that the most common problems with the test are related to insufficient vocabulary, and the easiest way to learn new words and their subtleties is to expose yourself to as much English as possible. 

More information about the test is available on the OOPT website: 

You may test yourself with these language tests:

  • Dialang Test. This test is very similar to the OOPT, though much more extensive. If you have never done a computer-based language test before, you might want to try the DIALANG test. It also helps to determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie.
  • www.testpodium.com (registration required)

Further Links:

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