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Compulsory modules for Major students (1st Year)


During the first year major students have to complete the each of the following modules with an exams:

-Language Skills F Foundations (2x 2 SWS + 1 AP) 9 CP  

-Basic Module I Medieval English (2x 2 SWS + 1 AP) 6 CP 

-Basic Module II Linguistic Studies (2x 2 SWS + 1 AP) 6 CP

-Basic Module III Literary Studies (1x 4 SWS  + 1 AP) 6 CP

For the Language Skills F Foundations module students have to complete the following courses:

-Foundations (Grammar)

-Foundations (Writing)

In order to take part in these courses students have to pass the OOPT.  

The Basic Modules I and II consist of two parts that have to be finished consecutively.

The Basic Module III has to be finished within one semester. 


All dates and further information are available on the HIS-LSF.


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