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MA Conference 01.02. - 02.02.

We proudly present and invite everyone to participate in the Students’ Conference 2024 – “Down the Rabbit Hole: Diving into Comparative Studies”.

This year’s conference will take place on the 1st and 2nd of February in the O.A.S.E building at HHU, but if you cannot make it, you can join online. Of course, we would be delighted to see you in person!

Next to a broad range of diverse and interesting student presentations on anglophone literature and linguistics, both Prof. Dr. Regina Schober and Dr. Simon Thomson will act as keynote speakers and launch this year’s conference with two relevant talks on these two consecutive days.

Each presentation will take 15 minutes and will be then followed by several minutes of discussion. Furthermore, presentations are grouped into panels of two or three presentations in a row. Short or longer breaks will take place between panels. You will find the details of the schedule here.

What is the Students’ Conference all about?

The Students’ Conference is part of the curriculum of the Master of Arts degree “Comparative Studies in English and American Language, Literature and Culture” at Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf. Every semester, a conference is organized by students, this year under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Heidrun Dorgeloh and Dipl.-Übers Lisa Weißbach.

All aspects of the conference are planned and organized by the students themselves, such as marketing, documentation, scheduling, location scouting, technical support, and catering.

Every conference simultaneously also acts as an exam for the students. Next to organizing the conference, students also have to decide on a seminar in which they would like to take an exam in the form of a presentation at the conference. This presentation is then graded by the seminar’s lecturer.

As the conferences are open to the public, everyone interested in English literature, language or linguistics (and much more!) is very welcome to attend.

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