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Workshop: Temporalities of / in Crises in Anglophone Literatures

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The international workshop "Temporalities of / in Crises in Anglophone Literatures" will critically reflect on temporalities in and of crises and to provide a detailed survey of the multiplicity of literarized temporalities across different places of the Anglophone world in modern times. The long durée of environmental crisis (Rob Nixon), the 'always now' of slavery (Toni Morrison), the ghostly presence of the past (Jacques Derrida), diaspora time, accelerated globalization, digital temporalities, sleepless capitalism and nuclear temporalities (Gabriele Schwab) are some of the terms in which Anglophone literatures conceive time. In discussing such temporalities, the workshop will present pluralized and context-sensitive concepts of time, which may challenge politically established concepts of time and historiography, including the social rhythms and privileges they imply. The contributions will further explore the role of narratives and narrative temporalities in (de-)naturalizing established notions of time, simulating novel (post-crises) timescapes and proposing new modalities of temporal sense-making. Highlighting the materially, socially and cognitively mediated patterning of time, the workshop encourages new critical discourses in literary and cultural studies.

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