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American Studies

Hamilton Field Trip - Winter semester 22/23

Prof. Regina Schober: 'Revolution, Independence, Enlightenment: 18th Century American Literature and Culture'

The goal of the excursion was to enable students to experience transnational relations between the United States and Germany, with a special focus on the Revolutionary and early founding periods of the United States. The program included a visit to the BallinStadt Emigration Museum, a visit to the musical Hamilton, and student reflections on specific aspects of the transatlantic relationship.

Modern English Literature

Shakespeare Excursion - Summer semester 23

Dr. Philipp Erchinger: 'Reading Shakespeare'

In May, a group of English students and staff went to the Shakespeare Festival Neuss to see two shows: The monodrama 'Shakespeare's Villains' (Steven Berkhoff) and 'Steeped in Blood' (stories with and about Macbeth) by Giles Abbott.


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