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Master of Arts

M. A. Comparative Studies in English and American Language, Literature, and Culture

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The Master's program Comparative Studies in English and American Language, Literature and Culture (MAComp) is a unique, interdisciplinary program aimed at providing graduate students with a professionally qualified education within the fields of English and American studies, literary and cultural studies and linguistics. It allows them to hone their academic as well as professional skills on an intercultural level, paving them the way into domestic and international job markets for both academic and non-academic careers. 

In approaching literature and linguistics comparatively, students will engage with cultural phenomena within the changing contexts of history and globalization. Taking into consideration theories on such socio-cultural variables as class, gender, ethnicity, technology, or media, the MAComp curriculum relates to current research and also includes areas of studies beyond the philologies.

Students have ample opportunity to customize their course of study according to their own interests. They can combine modules or focus on one specific area from all courses offered in the six departments of the Institute for English and American Studies:

Medieval English Studies 

American Studies 


Modern English Literature

Anglophone Literatures

Comparative Literature (newly inaugurated, Chair: Prof. Soelve Curdts)

Fully taught in English, the four-semester program starts solely in the winter semester (October). 

Master of Arts: Comparative Studies in English and American Language, Literature and Culture

Application for winter semester 2021/22

Apply to the program via the links below. 

Online Aptitude Assessment:

International candidates: master-comparative-international.hhu.de

German candidates or candidates with a German Bachelors degree: master-comparative.hhu.de


The closing date for international candidates is May 31st, 2021.

German candidates or candidates who earned their BA degree in Germany can apply by September 30th, 2021. 

Visit the application section for more information. 

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