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International Applicants

Start date: Winter semester only (October)

Application deadlines: 

International students: 2nd May - 15th July

German students/students who earned a Bachelor's degree in Germany: 2nd May - 15th July

Duration: 2 years full-time (4 semesters)

Credits: 120 ECTS CP

Medium of instruction: English

Number of new students enrolled each year: ca. 40

International-German-student ratio: 40% - 60%

Tuition fee: none, just an administrative fee (around 300€) that is due each semester. The fee includes a semester ticket for public transport and other contributions to student services.

Programme coordinator: Lisa Weißbach

Degree requirements:

  • Bachelor of Arts degree, or an equivalent undergraduate degree, with a final grade of 2.5 (German standard) or better. 
Subject-specific requirements:  
  • You should preferably have studied English or American Studies as major subject, or at least have qualifications in subjects related to the program.
  • English majors must have taken 180 ECTS CP (European Credit Transfer System), English minors must have taken at least 54 ECTS CP. English language practice, English and/or American literary studies and/or linguistics must have comprised at least ¼ of your studies.
  • You must have written at least one substantial academic research paper (10-15 pages) in English on English/American literature or linguistics.
English language requirements:  
  • C1 level minimum (CEFR), assessed based on the required documents (primarily the writing sample and the motivation letter; no English language proficiency certificate required!)

Alongside the entry requirements, our admission committee will assess both your language proficiency and compentencies relevant for the Master's program on the basis of your writing sample, grades and motivation statement. Thus, additional language proficiency certificates like IELTS, CAE or TOEFL are not required for admission. 

Please check the application portal section below for more information and for applying via the online application system. You might find some questions answered in the FAQ section below. 

If your status has changed to “In progress”, this means that the admissions committee have decided to accept you and that your application is now being reviewed by our admin staff. Please note that this can take a while. Please also note that the admission can only be final and official after admin have reviewed your application and that up until then, it is not an official, legally binding result.


If in addition to your status changing to “In progress”, you get a message saying “Definitive undergraduate certificate is missing, therefore provisional enrolment will apply”, this means that in addition to the above, your final BA diploma was not present at the time of application. Please don’t get nervous about this: this is not a problem, and you don’t need to become active at this moment! Despite your final BA diploma not being present yet, your application has been forwarded to admin for their final review. You can still submit your final BA diploma upon enrollment or sometime during your first semester.


If your status has changed to “Temporarily excluded”, this means that there are still some documents missing. Please consult the list of required documents again and make sure that your documents match that list. Please note that the admissions committee cannot make a decision based on incomplete documentation; incomplete applications will not be considered.


If your status has changed to “Excluded”, unfortunately this means that the admissions committee have decided to reject your application for administrative and/or subject-related reasons. Your rejection letter will list the reason for rejection. Please note that a rejection is final and cannot be negotiated.

Please make sure that your application is complete; you can find all the requirements under "International applicants" and "Applicants with a German B.A. degree". Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Attached you will find all the documents you need in order to apply as well as the link to the portal

  • scan of your Bachelor's diploma indicating the final grade
  • academic writing sample (research paper/essay/BA thesis) on English or American literature and/or linguistics
  • scan of your Transcript of Records, translated to English if necessary. In this case, you can have your transcript translated at your university or at a certified translator. Please do not forget to have the document stamped, sealed and signed.
  • Motivation statement, indicating your intended study focus in either literary or cultural studies or linguistics
  • Curriculum Vitae

Application portal

Attached you will find all the regulations applying to non-EU citizens

There are certain exceptions for students from China, Vietnam and India

Regulations for non-EU citizens


1) Do I need to certify English language qualifications such as IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge certificates in order to be admitted to the MA program? 

No, as the admissions committee evaluates your proficiency in English based on your writing sample and your overall application. 

2) I don't speak any German. Do I need to certify German language proficiency?

No, German language proficiency is not an admission requirement as the language of instruction in the program is English. However, we highly recommend gaining basic knowledge of German, as it will be essential to dealing with administrative matters.

3) Am I eligible for the program if I don’t have a degree in English or American Studies?

That depends on your previous study focus and subjects. You will most probably be accepted to the program if you meet the entry requirements above. If you are still not sure whether you are eligible, feel free to 

4) What are the requirements for the writing sample?

The sample work should be a research paper or any other longer paper that you have written in your Bachelor's course. You don't need to start writing a new paper if you have already written a term paper/Bachelor's thesis in English! If it is written in a language other than, you can simply translate it. The sample paper should include a research question and an analysis. It should adhere to common academic standards, i.e. it should include references that are cited properly. As for the number of pages, 10-15 pages are the minimum.

5) When will I get the result of my application? (International applicants)

You should get a response in the course of August if you have applied by then. 

6) I am in the process of finishing my thesis and I have not received my diploma yet. Can I still apply?

Yes. In that case, you must submit a current transcript and a preliminary certificate along with your application. Once you have obtained your diploma, you must submit a certified hard copy to the Registar’s Office in the course of your first semester. Please note that you may attend classes already, but that you are not able to take exams unless you have submitted a copy of your diploma.