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Summer School M.A. Literary Translation: Translating Comics, Graphic Novels and Video Games

The Summer School 2023 will take place from June 22 to June 24 and is all about "Translating Comics, Graphic Novels and Video Games".  Registration is open: please write an e-mail to .

Comics, graphic novels and video games are increasingly popular and often appeal to diverse audiences – it is comics and video games studies, among other popular forms, where academics and fans often meet! As transmedial forms, they not only pose their own unique challenges for translation practice, but are also of particular interest as sites of exciting formal experiments, novel narrative strategies, and a variety of social perspectives.

This year's Summer School is thus dedicated to these popular narrative forms and their intricate relationship between word and image under the motto "Translating Comics, Graphic Novels and Video Games". In addition to a reading by the German comic artist Hamed Eshrat, the program also includes a keynote by Jan-Noël Thon on the topic of "Transmedial Narratology". Translators Verena Maser, Annette von der Weppen, Lea Hübner and Lilian Pithan will offer workshops on translating from Japanese, English, Spanish and French. Additionally, Marcel Weyer’s workshop will focus on video game translation.


You can find the programme, locations and all you need to know here!

Kategorie/n: Anglistik und Amerikanistik