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To help you navigate your way through your studies we have put together some useful information. Should you come across any other problem or questions please contact us via email. 

Here you can find a detailed run-down of the course for:

Exam Regulations 2011/13 

Exam Regulations 2018

Information specific for students in their first semester can be found here!

NOTE: Some information might only be available in German.

Below you will find information on the English and American Studies course sorted by Exam Regulation.


BA English and American Studies Exam Regulations 2018

BA English and American Studies Exam Regulations 2011/13


Exam Regulations


For Students in the 2018 Exam Regulations: Your Certifications of Participation have to be assigned online. You will not recieve certification on paper. 

For students in the 2013 Exam Regulations (and other "old" regulations: You will continue to recieve certifications in paper format. Should your lecturers forget to hand them out at the end of the semester please remind them to do so. 

More information

Where to pick up your certifications

Students in the 2011/13 exam regulations are still required to create a Transcript of Records. Major Students are also required to create a transcript for their Interdisciplinary Section.

Further information can be found here.

Recognition is required when changing universities or study programme.  This process can be time consuming, but with decent preparation we can work on your request as fast as possible.

Please send us your Transcript of Records or other similar document, on which we can view your academic achievements up to now. We will also require current module manuals and exam regulations. Further we will need an overview of the exams you have passed up to now. 

More information here!

During your studies you might want to spend a semester abroad. We will gladly help you with planning and organisation of such a trip. 

Further Contacts:

International Office

International Mobility

During your stay at HHU you may come across questions related to your studies, schedule or exams. You can send any such question to us via E-Mail or RocketChat. You may send your question in both English and German.

We can help you with:
  • Questions regarding organisation of your studies
  • Course and exam sign-up
  • Contacting lecturers
  • Creating your schedule
  • ...

We can currently only offer virtual consultations!

More Information:

Incomings Anglistik/Amerikanistik - FAQ for students arrive at the HHU

HHU International Landing Page 


HHU International Office 

Here you will find a collection of useful forms and downloads. Should require a specific form that you cannot find here please do not hesitate to contact us!


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