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First Semester

The first semester can be quite overwhelming. To help you along we have gathered everything you need to know to be well prepared for your first semester. 

Here you can find specific information for Major or Minor students.

NOTE: Some information may only be available in German. 

The prupose of the Oxford Online Placement Test, short OOPT, is to evaluate your knowledge of the English language and is an important part in your studies. Every student has to pass the OOPT as it a requirement for the Language Skills courses. 

More information on the OOPT

To make creating your first schedule easier we have gathered some of the most important information here. 

First of all it is imporant to look at the reccomended classes for the first year, meaning the first two semesters. During these two semesters you should complete the Foundations and Basic Modules. You can find general and more in-depth information about studying in a Major or Minor here

You will book all of your classes on the HIS: LSF. Here you will find a guide to booking your classes. If you are yet to activate your Uni-ID please use this link first. 

While booking your classes it is imporant to keep the different deadlines for booking in mind. You will be able to find these deadlines as well as detailed descriptions and appointments in the detail view of each class. Please always make sure that you have selected the right study programme at the top of the HIS:LSF page. 

For most students it is easiest to "reserve" a class without actively booking it. This way you can assemble your schedule and do not have to book anything prematurely and can avoid overlapping courses in the same slot. 

If you should still need more help or have further questions please consider going to an Orientational Tutorial

To make your entry into the course easier the English and American Studies institute offers orientational tutorials for first year students. These tutorials are offered every Winter Semester.  In the tutorial you will have a chance to get to know your fellow students while learning everything you need to know for your time here. Tutors will explain important procedures, systems and locations you should know.

Besides the social aspect your tutors can help you with creating your schedule or finding your way around the campus. Further they will help you find your way around the digital platforms used at the HHU (His-LSF, Roundcube, ILIAS, Studierendenportal, Semesterapparate).

You will also learn the neccesary formalites from the study- and exam regulations, module manuals, as well as exam procedures  (what is a certifcate of participation (BN), a final exam (AP), exam (Klausur), term paper (Hausarbeit), seminar paper (Studienarbeit) ?). You will also learn methods and techniques for learning on your own. 

During the tutorial you will also hear about other services and contact points of the Heinreich-Heine University, these may include the Career Service, ZIM, SSC, Pia, college/university sports.

For regular attendance you may be rewarded 1 CP, which you may accredit in your Wahlpflichtbereich. This is only possible for major students. If you book an orientational tutorial as a minor student you will have to consult with the representatives your major.

Orientientational Tutorials on the LSF

Here you can find imporant information for major students. This information is specifically for the first year of studying, meaning your first and second semeseter. 

More on the mandatory modules of the first year

Here you can find imporant information for minor students. This information is specifically for the first year of studying, meaning your first and second semeseter. 

More on the mandatory modules of the first year


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