Master of Arts FAQs

  • APs (Exams) – Each module has to be completed by an exam. The exam of the foundational module is a paper of 4000 words. The Project Module is completed by a 15-20 min presentation at the students’ conference. The Practical English Module is completed by an oral presentation. One exam of the four subject specific modules has to be a written paper, one has to be an oral exam, and the rest is optional.
  • Disciplinary Majors It is also possible to focus on just one subject area in English and American Studies. You would then have to choose your modules exclusively from the seminars offered by one department within the institute. The structure of your studies stays equal to the one in comparative studies (Foundational Module, Practical English Module, Project Module, 4 Topic Modules and the Master Module).
  • Foundational Module – The Foundational Module is obligatory during the first and second term of your master studies. It is comprised of lectures given by the professors of the five different departments, team teaching sessions and seminars.
  • Linking Modules – The Topic Modules are chosen from the courses offered in each department; you must take courses in at least two and not more than three departments. Basically, each seminar can be combined with seminars from any of the other four departments. Two courses in one department may also be linked to form one module. One rule for all linking processes to form modules: The courses have to be taken either within one term or in two consecutive terms. There may be NO semester in between the two courses. Within one module you have to compose seminars of the same categories: Function, Structure/Methods, History/Development.
  • Master Module – The Master Module consists of two seminars (without APs/exams), a master colloquium and the final master thesis (around 80 pages). 
  • Practical English Module – The Practical English Module consists of two seminars: oral presentation and academic writing. We strongly recommend taking the academic writing course in the same term as the foundational module.
  • Project Module – The Project Module consists of two seminars, as well as the practical seminar (planning of the students’ conference). A presentation at the students’ conference is the obligatory form of examination in this module. One of the chosen seminars forms the background for the content of the presentation. Instead of the practical seminar you may do a tutorial and write a short didactic paper on this.
  • Transcript of Records – As soon as the master thesis is handed in the transcript of records can be verified by Dr. Ingrid Wolter. Please note that the titles of the courses have to be stated in English and in German and that the final transcript has to be printed out twice. For verifying the transcript of records bring your BNs in the right order as well as your “Leistungsübersicht” from the "Studierendenportal". Please do not staple the papers.


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