Please note: Application for next year starts from January on.

If you wish to apply for our MA Programme please fill in the online application form (follow the link/-s below).

Please upload the required documents/files as pdfs. All documents should be either in German or English. Translations and certificates need to be certified.

For international students the closing date is 31 May of each year for the winter term of the same year

For students of any German university as well as for students from Heinrich Heine University the closing date is 30 September of each year for the winter term of the same year

Please send us copies (translated to German or English and certified) of the following documents:

  • B.A. certificate (or comparable degree) indicating final degree*
  • Title of B.A. thesis (or other longer written paper) on English literature and/or linguistics
  • Transcript of records
  • Personal statement (letter of intent), indicating your general motivation and/or intended specialization in either literary or cultural studies or linguistics
  • Curriculum Vitae with a photograph

*Please note that you need to specify your grades ("excellent" or "good" is not sufficient). You can find an overview of grades on the back of your certificate.

For further information about entry requirements please visit our homepage here.

Achtung! Master-Interessierte! Übergangsregelung von Bachelor zu Master für HHU-interne Studierende!

Um zum Masterstudium zugelassen zu werden, müssen folgende Voraussetzungen erfüllt sein:

  • Bis 30. September des jeweiligen Jahres (Ende des Sommersemesters) müssen alle BN- und AP-Leistungen des Bachelorstudiums abgeschlossen und die Bachelorarbeit eingereicht sein.
  • Es müssen noch nicht alle Noten vorliegen.

Aptitude Test and Application Form

National students and students who have received their B.A. in Germany

International students

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