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Language Diagnostic Test

Every student of English at the Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf who has taken up his or her studies starting the winter term 2015/16 is required to take part in this diagnostic test. The Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT) is relevant for your course of study.



Attention Freshmen!

Please do not confuse the OOPT with the "Einstufungstest" from the "Sprachenzentrum"!  Thank you for your attention.

  • You must take the test before you begin your studies. The language test is a diagnostic tool which is a prerequisite for you attending the Language Skills I module.
  • You must pass the diagnostic test with 64 out of 120 points (CEFR level B2) to begin your first English language module.
  • If you score below 64 points, you are required to take undefinedRemedial Language Skills. In addition, you may be required to schedule a counselling appointment with your lecturer. Should this be the case, you will be duly informed.
  • Should you fail the OOPT, you will have the oppurtunity to take the test during the following semester. The test usually takes place in March and October.
  • Please note that the tests have to be performed in the computer-rooms of the ZIM (Building 25.41)
  • Students with disabilities should get in touch with the undefinedStudents' Office  of the English Department before signing up via HIS-LSF. We will of course gladly assist you if necessary, but please inform us beforehand.
  • Click here for useful links in undefinedpreparing for the OOPT.
  • undefinedFrequently asked questions


About the OOPT

The OOPT is a completely computer-based test. 

  • The test consists of around 45 questions divided up in two parts.
  • The first part (Use of English) only contains written British English and tests grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension. The tasks are various multiple-choice questions and to fill in some blanks in a text.
  • The second part (Listening) contains audio samples with 50% British accents and 50% American accents and tests listening comprehension with multiple-choice questions.
  • Both the Use of English and the Listening section set a strong focus on testing your active vocabulary, including idioms and common phrasings.

There are three restrictions you should keep in mind while you are taking the test:

  • After you answered a question, you cannot go back to make changes.
  • The audio-clips in the listening comprehension section can only be played twice.
  • The overall testing time is limited to 60 minutes.
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