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"Samuel Beckett & the media"

Please find below  the invitation to a guest lecture organized by Marc Farrant in the context of his Beckett seminar.


Guest lecture

Achim Zolke: Samuel Beckett & the media

Tuesday, January 16th, 12:30-2pm.

Samuel Beckett is well-known as an innovator, perhaps the innovator, of 20th century theatre. Considered from the viewpoint of creativity, his works for the media are in no way inferior to his stage plays. From his first BBC radio play in 1957 to his German farewell on TV in 1982, he perpetually broke the boundaries of both style and technology.

Beckett was fascinated by the possibilities of technology on stage. His protagonists are densely concentrated versions of human beings whose electrical counterparts –  loudspeakers, recorders, cameras – become integral to witnessing the human condition. When, for example, a cassette recorder resembles the memory of a person, Beckett would concentrate on this key feature of human existence and embrace it.

While watching snippets of his TV plays and listening to the radio plays, this session is intended to introduce the depth of Beckett’s works for the media whilst also considering his ground-breaking use of media technology on stage.

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