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undefinedBA and MA SoSe 2018

undefinedMA Literary Translation SoSe 2018


undefinedBA and MA WiSe 2017/18

undefinedMA Literary Translation WiSe 2017/18


undefinedBA and MA SoSe 2017

undefinedMA Literary Translation SoSe 2017


undefinedBA and MA WiSe 2016/17

undefinedMA Literary Translation WiSe 2016/17


undefinedBA and MA SoSe 2016 

MA Literary Translation SoSe 2016

30.06.-04.07.2016: undefinedInterdisciplinary Field Trip: "100 Years after the Battle of the Somme: Material and Immaterial Ways of Remembrance seen both from a Historical and Intercultural Point of View"
There are a few places left for students from the Department of English and American Studies. Registration details, organisational matters and reading suggestions can be found in the description of Michael Heinze's MA seminar undefined"The First World War in Anglophone Narratives". For the field trip report please click undefinedhere.



BA and MA WS 15/16

MA Literary Translation WS 15/16



BA and MA WS 14/15

MA Literary Translation WS 14/15

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