Grants and Awards

April 2010Symposium: (with Reinhold Görling, Media Studies ) “Gewalt und Theatralität“ [Violence and Theatricality] in Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus [Municipal Theatre]. Funded by DFG. (20.000 €)
Januar 2010Conference: “Die Popularität der Literatur“ [The Popularity of Literature], Malkasten, Düsseldorf. Funded by Dr. Günther- and Imme-Wille-Foundation. (20.000 €)
April 2008Symposium: (with Sebastian Donat, Stephan Packard, Viriginia Richter), “Poetische Gerechtigkeit“ [Poetic Justice] Siemens-Stiftung München. Funded by DFG. (20.000 €)
Summer 2007Award for the best habilitation from the German Association of English Studies 2004-07 (1.500 €)
24.-26.1.2003Symposium: “Text and Borders: the Borders of the Text” Brenner-Archive, University Innsbruck. Funded by the Volkswagen-Foundation. (20.000 €)
SS 00/01Post-doctoral Scholarship. Funded by DAAD and Maison des sciences de l’homme (Paris).
WS 99/00Research Fellow in the Research Project: “Kompendium der Editionswissenschaft“ [Compendium of Textual Scholarship]. Funded by DFG. (Profs. Hans Walter Gabler, Anne Bohnenkamp).
WS 96/97-98/99Research Scholar in the Graduate School “Textual Criticism as Foundation and Method of the Historical Disciplines”, funded for three years by DFG.
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