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Section Medieval English Literature and Historical Linguistics

The English Middle Ages (c.500-c.1500) weren’t dark; but in fact bright, colourful and highly complex. The department of Medieval English Literature and Historical Linguistics provides students with skills in philology, literature studies and linguistics which enable them to better understand cultural and linguistic phenomena of modernity by exploring the otherness of the historical distant epoch.

The history of English language and literature is shaped by intercultural and intertextual traditions. Latin, Scandinavian and French influences are constitutive of the cultural products of both medieval and modern times. Accordingly, the detailed synchronic analysis of medieval texts is of the same importance as diachronic comparative-contrastive questions, the answers to which require knowledge of cultural sciences, precise analytical approaches and critical theoretical reflection of one’s own actions.

The BA programme Medieval English Studies provides students with these abilities and skills by investigating items of Old - (c.750-1100) and Middle English (1100-1500) literature, as well as the historical development of the English language from its roots until today.

In the MA programme comparative and theoretical cultural approaches are pursued from a transhistorical perspective with the same intensity as is the interpretation of particular medieval phenomena.


Timeline of Medieval English History

The Department of Medieval English Literature and Historical Linguistics has created a new study aid aimed at first-year students of the Bachelor's degree in English Studies, which however may also be used as a reference by everyone with an interest in medieval history and literature. This project is the Timeline of Medieval English History, which visualizes all contents taught in the Introduction to Medieval English Studies Part I and II.

While this is a helpful tool, it should of course not be the sole source for studying for the final exam –...

Anika Weimann erhält Preis für die beste Masterarbeit 2015/16

Anika Weimann, Dozentin am Lehrstuhl für Medieval English Literature and Historical Linguistics, erhielt auf der Examensfeier der Philosophischen Fakultät am 18. Juli erstmalig den Preis für die beste Masterarbeit aus der Anglistik und Amerikanistik. Der Preis wurde von der Deutsch-Britischen Gesellschaft Düsseldorf e.V. ausgeschrieben und von Geschäftsführerin Dr. Christel Jenkner überreicht. Unter der Betreuung von Dr. Katie Long verknüpfte Anika Weimann in ihrer Masterarbeit zum Thema "Magical Objects in Middle English Romances"...

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